Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shaggy Carpet

I was so anxious to see the rest of the hardwood floors that I came back to the house again this week. Unfortunately, they have covered the whole floor with white paper, so I can't really see it. Total bummer!! On the other hand, I did get to see the new carpet they installed. Andrew put up a big fight to have this "shaggier" type carpet. I will admit that it looks (and feels) awesome, but I could've lived with regular old carpet. Ruthie is going to be in heaven pulling at it!

I haven't really showed you the closets in the master suite yet. They are off the master bathroom and admittedly, a bit ridiculous.

My closet:

Andrew's closet:

Master Bathroom:

Some shots of the hardwoods in the Powder Room and Coat Closet. I love them, they are perfect!

Close-ups of our brand new stainless steel appliances. We have been waiting SOOOO long for a new microwave... ours is tiny and ancient. We can't wait until we can start using this big beautiful one!

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