Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our First Walk-thru

Today we had our first walk through of the house. This was our opportunity to point out any imperfections in the house that we'd like to have fixed before our closing. Our field manager also showed us a lot of the cool features of our new home.

They finally painted our front door!! It looks so sharp in black!!

Surprise!! They put up a metal fence on the other side of the house. I guess because of the retaining wall, they are required to put up a fence for safety reasons. I was holding out for solid wood fences, but these are free so I guess I can't complain.

Did you notice the sod in the last photo? Funny how they lay down dead sod huh? Whatever...

The screens are finally up on the porch and check out our cute little white door!

Last, but not least, here is an excellent view of the hardwood floors. I am SO, SO happy with them!!! You can also see our new snazzy oven!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Garage Door & Landscaping

Do you see it? Isn't it purdy?

Our garage door... I really do love it with the window and the handles. It finishes the house off perfectly. Who would've known that a garage door would make me smile so much?!

They've also done some landscaping, which looks really nice. Hopefully I don't kill all this stuff... yikes!!

We even got two trees in the front yard. Our field manager says he thinks they are maple trees, but we like'em whatever they are.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shaggy Carpet

I was so anxious to see the rest of the hardwood floors that I came back to the house again this week. Unfortunately, they have covered the whole floor with white paper, so I can't really see it. Total bummer!! On the other hand, I did get to see the new carpet they installed. Andrew put up a big fight to have this "shaggier" type carpet. I will admit that it looks (and feels) awesome, but I could've lived with regular old carpet. Ruthie is going to be in heaven pulling at it!

I haven't really showed you the closets in the master suite yet. They are off the master bathroom and admittedly, a bit ridiculous.

My closet:

Andrew's closet:

Master Bathroom:

Some shots of the hardwoods in the Powder Room and Coat Closet. I love them, they are perfect!

Close-ups of our brand new stainless steel appliances. We have been waiting SOOOO long for a new microwave... ours is tiny and ancient. We can't wait until we can start using this big beautiful one!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Is that floor right?

After seeing that little bit of hardwood floor in the bathroom, I wasn't convinced that it looked right. I thought it was going to look more rustic with more variation in color. I wrote a note to our field manager and he said it was probably just because it is such a small sample and with more floor down that it will probably look closer to what we saw in the design center. He told us to stop by the following day because they would be installing the rest of the hardwood floors.

He was right, they look fantastic. See the workers in action:

The garage door and opener are also installed. I am so anxious to see the door down, but Andrew yelled at me when I almost asked if we could put it down. Until next time...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello column!

It is about time... we finally have our column. I feel much more comfortable that the entire patio roof isn't going to collapse now. Sheesh!!

We also got our mailbox. Love the iron scroll detail... so cute!

Did anyone ever see Andrew's ghetto cable cord hanging out on our back porch? If you did, then you'll understand my excitement when I saw this beautiful outlet cover on our screen-in porch.

Here's some fancy new equipment on the side of the house!

I haven't really shown the work being done at the clubhouse, so I thought you'd like to see the progress on the pool. We've been told the pool will be ready for the summer.

A look at the cozy back deck on the clubhouse. Can't you just imagine sitting back and enjoying a cocktail after taking a dip in the pool?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let there be light!!

They've installed all the lights inside and out. Mostly, they all look great. This is when I am beginning to see all the details and options that caused me such angst while at the Design Center though. There are a lot of things that we decided not to upgrade because we didn't like the available options.

Love the way these outdoor lights look!!

I really like this fixture, but want something fancier for the dining room. I am planning to move this into the kitchen.

These are the mushroom lights that are all over the house along with the foyer pendant. I am really happy with our decision to go with the "pebble brown" color as opposed to the brushed nickel. I think it is going to coordinate well with our darker wood furniture.

Look at all the progress in the kitchen! They've installed the microwave, the dishwasher, the counters, the sink and the faucet. And look... they were installing the tile back-splash while I was there. Not terribly excited about that tile. Looking forward to my brother Scott to visit, so he can put up the white subway tile that I REALLY wanted. This will do for now though...

Ick... that faucet will be one of the first things to go!! Look at how perdy that countertop is though... I love it!!

Here are two faucets that I am considering. I am leaning toward the one on the left because I like the pull-out feature. What do you think?

Bathroom counters, toilets and vinyl floors. Again, the floors are temporary until we have them tiled.

Here's a sneak peak at the hardwood floors. I think they had to put a little section down, so they could install the sink and toilet in the powder room. It is so dusty that it is hard to get a good idea what it's really going to look like.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


It was a sad visit to the house this morning because it was locked!! We expected that to happen eventually, but I didn't think it would until the appliances were in there. I think they must have the light fixtures in there or something. Oh well, it didn't look like much happened anyways. They did lay the bricks for the base of the column:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doors, Paint, Molding...

All the details of the house are really starting to come together. I get really anxious to see it every day to make sure I don't miss anything. Here's a look at the cabinets uncovered...

I can't wait to see the countertops now. Eeeee...

The railings unwrapped and all the molding at the top of the stairs...

I was pleasantly surprised by the crown molding in our bedroom. Check out our double doors... fancy!!