Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Hidden Trash

Don't get me wrong, I love my simplehuman slim trash bins. As far as trash bins go... these are hands down the best. Seriously, check out the reviews on Crate & Barrel. They really are great, especially if you are a recycler like me.

With the ginormous cabinets in our new island though, it just made too much sense to install pull-out trash bins. This would not only free up some floor space, but also keep the trash hidden. Again, I went with simplehuman. They make two similar size pull-out bins that fit our cabinet with room to spare. One holds two smaller bins that's perfect for separating recyclables. With a 20% Off BB&B coupon and a handy $50 housewarming gift card – I was good to go!

I even put little labels on my recycle bins that should help people figure out which bin to put their junk in. I hope.

Removing those trash bins really opens up that corner! Plus, I have the perfect spot to put my little step stool now. Oh happy days...

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